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Archive for March 2017

God Interrupts Barnes says

I am reading “When God Interrupts, Barnes talks about being born again. He talks about losing everything but the Savior.. Eventually, I would have to give them back to the Creator. To be born again is to discover ourselves as infants in the gracious arms of God. There is noting we can do to make…

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                I am in Paradise. Reading about abandonment. He writes, ” I know about abandonment. I know that you never really get over it. I also know it can force changes that you think will kill you, but in fact they save your life.” “That is the great…

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Be an Includer

Yes it is…. A way to make a difference and help daughter’s of all ages to feel included. Be an ” includer”. I like that. God calls us to use our hurts to help and empathize with others. RAISING GIRLS WHO ARE “INCLUDERS” INSTEAD OF “MEAN GIRLS”

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