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Don’t Date The Bible – Marry It

“all scripture is the breath of God” 2 Tim 3:16-17.   Today we are talking about God’s Word.  It reprograms our mind for success. It tells us how to talk and how to act.  As we read the Bible it can heal us and make us a strong person of faith that God wants us to…

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The Hurt Whisperer

Satan doesn’t want us to be in healthy relationship with others. He tells us that in our hurt. It is his full-time job to take advantage of us when we are vulnerable. He whispers his lies at our most difficult moments to deceive and defeat us. Whether Satan uses sin, trauma, and grief or pride,…

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The last part of the last chapter of WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS,  Barnes talks of when we loose our faith. Don’t we all have moments, days or months where we wonder about all this. Some people leave the church. Some are still in church but they have lost it in their hearts. Sometimes it is a…

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Today I am practicing walking with the Holy Spirit moment-by moment awareness of the HS presence and power in my life.  My goal is to let the HS  change my wanter and my canner. Sometimes when we are deep in our grief we feel that God has abandoned up also. It is not God but…

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Thoughts of Linda

To be a saint is to be fueled by gratitude…nothing more or nothing less. It isn’t about how I think of God, but what God things of me: I am a divine choice. Today I want to choose to: Love who God loves -Be- like-minded Feel the worship moment in all circumstances Take time to…

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Today was a work at home day.  No clients but banking, helping mom & staining.  After I waited until this afternoon for it to warm up, I accomplished very little before it started to rain. The good news was that I was able to read the whole chapter six in WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS. Barnes talks of…

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As I read WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, by Barnes he talks of “being abandoned by health. We often feel like God needs me. But alone with my Bible and my prayers we find out that God doesn’t need me. I need him, even to be alive today.  And I am grateful every day when he gives…

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We go to the altar. We go to the healing pool. John 5:6 says  “When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had been there along time, he said to him ‘Do you want to be made well?’”  We need to be healed.  If one plan doesn’t  work, just try another. Work harder,…

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God’s Best Blessings

Barnes in WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, in this section he talks about a man that has cancer and he has to tell his children.  He was a hard working man, that was quite accomplished. But he struggled to tell his children that he is going to die. When we look at our parents, we often make…

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Is God Arbitrary?

Today Barnes in WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, he talks about JOB and wonders if God is arbitrary. If you haven’t read JOB, take a peak at it. Here is a  righteous man who was “blameless and upright, one who feared Good and turned away from evil: (Job 1:1) One day, apparently to prove a point to Satan,…

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