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Today I am posting just a portion of my time with God. 
Today I am reading about the 24/7 Calling. Acts 20:24b says ” only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus.” Nancy DeMoss is sharing her father’s wisdom that she was taught.  The first one is to take God serious. Her dad asked a fellow Christian about the fishing in the area and he responded,. “He didn’t know because he was on vacation.”He couldn’t fathom the idea of taking a vacation from serving God and sharing Christ.  The Lord did not save us from a part-time, weekends only commitment to Him.  No matter what your vocation, being His followers and servant is a 24/7 Calling.
Such a good reminder.  I think of my calling right now. I have changed my ministry with the leading of God.  I am no longer leading Bible Studies but I am looking forward to joining the one this fall at MFCN.  My two focus’s now are to visit people and start writing my story.  I am struggling with both, I must admit.  Last week I did visit a lady from our Church and it was good.  There is such a need to touch others. I have been focused on Jan’s needs since March 14th but there are so many others too that are lonely and hurting.  It give me such joy Lord,  to be used by you.
Such a good reminder today.  Let me ask you, how is God prompting you this morning?   It is all about relationships. Our relationship with God, to believe and obedient, our relationship with ourself, to be the best that I can be, ridding myself off any unforgiveness and bitterness. That only kills.  And your relationship with others. God forgave us so we need to forgive those who hurt us too.  I would love to hear how God is talking to you.  That encourages my heart.   

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