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The Roadless Traveled, Peck is discussing the myths of romantic love. In the last section he talked of romantic love being that feeling that we have when we are attracted to someone that never lasts. Today he talks of the myths of the fairy tail “and they lived happily for ever after.” without any problems or work.  He talks of marriage counseling where a couple is so “in tune” with each other that they answer for each other.  Peck says “All couples learn that true acceptance of their own and each other’s individuality and separateness is the only foundation upon which a mature marriage can be based and real love can grow.”
Mental health in marriages is not having all your eggs in one basket. We all grow during our lives and should be allowed to. We can love and respect each other in our growth in the marriage.  Many say “we are so different”.  But that might be just what God designed for you in your marriage so that you may compliment each other.  Some differences can create a spark of interest.  So let us work on allowing the other’s individuality  and separateness; allowing them to find out who they are in Christ.  Just a thought…..

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