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Accusing Spirits & Occultism

In A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, he talks about accusing spirits. He begins with sharing that 90 percent truth mixed with just a 10 percent like sill equals error.   Some fruit of accusation are: holding a record of wrongs,  murder with the tongue (gossip and slander), mind control, scrambling thoughts, chaotic thinking, jumbled patterns, misunderstandings, projected fear, accusing another in your own sin, burden barring and  becoming codependent in another’s sin but attempting to be their Holy Spirit.    Hmmm, interesting.  He adds that by sharing your “valuable” opinion with others, you are telling God that He is not needed here be cause you can do it. You can decide what is right or wrong.
Occultism is a sin because real truth is obscured, something or someone has been set up to by your god. It maybe subtle but it is still idolatry.  Wright talks of Alternative Medicine is a sin.   We are putting our trust in a practitioner, his potions, and abilities.  This is a form of idolatry.  Is medicine a form to?  Going to the doctor?  Interesting concept.  (pages 136 & 137)
This section has much to think about.  God is the healer.   Where does Medicine or alternative medicine fit in. Is nutrition alternative medicine?  Us chiropractors?   Hmmm.

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