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Blessings and Curses

Today, in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, pages 120 – 122,   I am reading about Blessings and Curses.  If you are a doer of the Word, you cannot stop the blessings from overtaking you. James 1:22. I wonder how you can be a doer of the Word if we don’t read the Word? Many of my clients say they are a Christian and they spend a lot of time praying but they do nothing to hear God’s Word. Some choose not to go to church. Others don’t read the Word.    How are they going to be hearers of the Word?  Then they go about there way calling themselves Christian but without obedience. Maybe they are saved but there is no blessings.  Hmmm.
Curses are from the devil.  The definition of course is vilification which means abatement or lessening of the benefits. So who gives the devil permission to vilify you?  You and your ancestors did.  So the process of our healing is to be forgiven of the iniquities of our ancestors.  Why do we have to repent for our ancestors sin?  Because the sin is passed on from generation to generation. 
Then Wright closes this section with the statement of the Church  trying to be healed without obedience. They don’t realize that forgiveness, healing and deliverance are appropriated by faith, which requires obedience.  When we are sick we are to go to the elders of the church and confess our faults to one another.  I wonder why in our day, we have this wonderful truth and we don’t use it.  To be healed of our infrimaries. What a wonderful thought.  
Lord, this is a great day.  It is a great vacation. Much relaxing.  I am grateful for how you move.  Everyone is getting along great.  Then I am seeing blessing of feeling well and a surprise invitation.  God you are good.  So good.  

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