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Communication with God in Prayer

Today I continue to read A MORE EXCELLENT WAY.  Today he teaches about Communication with God in Prayer.  Scripture indicates our petition is directed to God but  made in the name of Jesus. (John 16:23)
Awe I just love the communication with God.  As we confess our sin, ask for deliverance from the bondage of that sin and being thankful for forgiveness of sin and removal of it’s curse.  God does answer prayers when we pray in obedience.  
In Act 23 Paul continues to share his story and God’s direction that he needs to continue to share the gospel even in the midst of hardship.  He is told not to worry and to follow his calling.   We see Paul being obedient by sharing his story and the gospel to those he meets regardless of who they are.   God is so good and he will favor you when you are obedient.

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