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Do It Right

In the devotional today in The Quiet Place, Nancy titles “Do It Right”.  She is a radio show teacher.  She shares about an incident where her coach requested her to do something over.  So she did. It turned out better and when she did she even modeled to those setting in on it that she was modeling responsive Spirit to godly male leadership, which was her topic.

Often times our unguarded reactions and responses teach a lot more about us then we realize; in many cases, they speak louder than what we tell others is right.   My reactions under pressure isn’t always what I want to show.  But as I reflect on my reaction then I can work on that response to make it line up with how God wants it to.
When I wonder my reaction, sometimes I see that it is fear based. So as I analize the fear, I can take it to God and work on my trusting him even more so my reactions are lined up with God.   It is important to develope a lifestyle of Sprit controlled responses – goldly patterns that kick into gear when we’re under pressure.  A humble godly lifestyle will make your message believable and help others get what you’re talking about.

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