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Envy and Jealousy, & Rejection

Today as I read a section in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Dr. Henry W. Wright is talking about Envy and Jealousy, & RejectionYou know, we know this behavior is bad but we seem to let things like this slip in anyway.   As we look at what it means more closely then we really get the message, why we need to stay away from these attitudes.  
Envy and Jealousy is when you take your eyes of of God and fix them upon a person, a place or a thing.  That will become the object that is the source of our value and fulfillment.   This is idolatry.  Whatever you worship is your god.  thus, God, in his jealousy, will release you to your own devices without His protection.  Example…..if money is your god, then money will have to protect you.
Envy is a sin because you compare yourself to others which brings discontentment.  Envy and Jealousy really are subtle forms of unbelief and doubt.  You really do not trust God to provide for you.
I remember when I always thought happiness would come when I had a house,. a car, a child, a new job, etc, etc, etc.  I learned that those things just lead to the next thing that would bring me happiness.  We have never had “plenty” but God taught me that he would care for me if I would rely on him.  Seven years ago I had cancer.  Chuck in the last 12 years has experienced something that made the medical bills just soar.  With a high deductable insurance the medical bills grew.  I couldn’t do it by myself so I had to throw all this at God’s feet. As I learned to trust him with our health and our medical bills, he enabled me to get healthier and to pay off the medical bills.  I know that with my portion it took me 4 years of diligence.  With Chuck he is just now getting his paid off.  As we trust God, God provides.  What I have found out is that when we are obedient to God, he gives contentment and peace.
Rejection will lead us to a desperate search, striving for the love that will complete us.  This love cannot be found in people, places or things, but only in God.  God says that we are loved, adopted, and accepted. We all know the deep sting of rejection, because we are all born with an innate loving for love and acceptance.  No matter who we have or how we are accepted we are always going to have that longing for God.  But when we don’t have God and we have that sting of rejection and discontentment. 
Linda has been gone for 11 months.  So hard.  But as I hang on to God and look back over the years I see that people do come and go out of our lives, whether it is by death, relocation, and broken relationships. We can choose to be discontented, broken hearted and sad for the rest of our lives or we can choose to hang onto God and recieve his acceptance.  Let God love you.  He will give you purpose and hope to live a life worth living.  God is so good.  

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