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Fellowship with God

I love Monday’s.  I already went the the gym with my youngest daughter.  My middle child, Lisa has a birthday today.  She is 44.  We will be going to dinner later today and then to a painting class.  No clients today.  The sun is shining.  I am looking forward to spending some time this morning with Jesus.

In the A MORE EXCELLENT WAY,  I have skipped around to figure out how to apply this, which I have shared.  Now I am going back to the beginning where I left off and I am going to plug through it.  I will share as I read.  Just wondering, anyone joining me in my read?
Remember the theme of this book is to get rid of bitterness and resentment that is causing you health issues today.  This session  is “How do we correct a wrong when the person is dead?”  God judges the heart. Make it right with God and it is taken care of.  You do not have to carry the guilt anymore.  Sounds so simple.  I think it is. One of the things that I am practicing is when something from the past comes up to me, even if I feel like I have forgiving it, I take it before God one last time in this new light of info.  
What happens if you have had a breach with someone and they won’t even talk to you?   They won’t make peace with you.  When you can’t personally resolve it with this person, you go to God.  God can work on your heart so you can be free.  I love this.  It is our heart that has to make the paradigm shift concerning this issue.   Such freedom. There have been many incidences where I have gone to someone to ask for forgiveness and they said they have but I feel unsettled still.  This is when I go to God and get free.  When I think of those incidences, I know think of it with sadness and not bitterness. Obviously the forgiveness wasn’t whole heartedly given. But that is not my responsibility. That is between them and God.  
Wright talks about Conflict Resolution saying “you do not have to resolve one issue with someone who has victimized you in order for God to heal you, providing you are resolved the issue between you and God concerning them.   The antidote to fear is the Godhead, power is the Holy Ghost, love is God the Father and sound mind is God The Word who is Jesus.  The anitdote to fear is fellowship with the Godhead.  I think it is time to get hot for God again.”   I love this.  
As I am  concluding the Thanksgiving weekend: having dinner with family, decorating for Christmas, have baking day with my girls and watching Hallmark Movies.  I experienced a sadness with it all.  Not really wanting to do any of it but pressing on.  I miss Linda.  I miss my dad. He loved all the family things.  But God is calling me to have that relationship not with others but with him.  So the work continues.  What does fellowship with the Godhead look like?   Hmmm….

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