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God’s Unlimited Generosity

As I sit here reflecting on God’s goodness, and reading the next level with Melissa in the Entrusted Bible Study, I think about my family.  Yesterday we gathered together for  birthday dinners for three, 4, 19, & 29 years. When  Melissa states in her reflections, “It was a sobering wieghty kind of gratefulness”.  As we share,  I know the frustration and heartache that they are going to go through because they are so young.
The Church has so many quirks but God is faithful to us and among us and despite of us.  Frances Spufford says….”For us, you see, the Church is not just another institution.  It’s a failing but never quite failed attempted, by limited people, to perpetuate the unlimited generosity of God in the world. .. That it exists, like Chirst, in order to be a channel by which mending which enters the world; a mending which, thank God, doesn’t not depend on the success of human virtue, individual or collective, but on what breathes and shines though us if we let it.”.
Wow, let that soak in.  There are so many problems out there in our families and in our church.  We can choose to look at the problems and let it get us down or we can see God working, drawing those in our families & church, using us as a vessel of encouragement as God draws them to him.   I choose to be a light in a dark world sharing God’s encouragement and love.  

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