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He Speaks

He Speaks is the subject of today’s reading in The Quiet Place by Nancy DeMoss.  What if God never spoke?   We would not have any understanding of how to live. No knowledge of right and wrong.  We would not know how to live.   Almost everyday I connect by reading a bit of His Word. He talks to me.  He instructs me.  He loves me.  I am so grateful for his instruction.  

My clients come in and one of the things I ask them is how they connect with God. They are really good at it sending prayers up often to ask for his help.   But when I ask them how do they hear from God, they don’t have an answer.  Many people that say they are Christian do not even go to church.  They do nothing to hear from God.  Of course they could hear directly from God by opening  up his Word and reading the Bible.  But they don’t or they don’t know how.   
When we have a good friend, what is it that happens?  I talk to them; they listen. They talk to me; I listen.  It is a two way street. A good friendship does not work just one way.   Think about your friendship to God. Is it a good one?   Can you call God your friend?  Does he call you his friend?   Hmmmm good question.  

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