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Healing and Prevention of Disease

In A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Insights into Healing and Prevention of Disease Henry W. Wright talks about the Spirit – Soul – Body. Very interesting.  Your soul is the bridge between the spirit world and the physical world. Your soul involves: your intellect, your mind; your emotions, the recording of your good and bad experiences in life; and your will, to make decisions.  The invisible kingdom (Satan) may have taught you something that opposes God’s will for your life. A renewing of the mind must occur.  Your mind is renewed or cleansed but the washing of the water off the Word.
Before we give our life to Jesus, and as we live our life there are many influences that shape our reality.  It comes from teaching from our parents, teachers, media & our social world.  These may not be  aligning with the Word of God. As we get into the Word, those teachings are corrected by God’s Word.  This takes a life time. But that doesn’t allow us to  cop out.  We are responsible to act and choose God’s way as we learn and understand.  We can not be continuing to sin and expect God to bless us.  
As you think about things over and over again, protein synthesis occurs.  It involves RNA and DNA. The thought that is recalled over and over again actually becomes permanently part of your biology.  That is why so may people get stuck. There is teaching that I do that helps us filter the negative or thought that is not good for us and replaces it with what God teaches us about the subject.  As we speak God’s Word, Satan will flee and eventually we won’t struggle with that anymore.  It is a choice.  It is our choice.  We can have life.  

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