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Healthy Living

Healthy Living is a path that I have been on for at least 7 years.  From drinking antioxidants, to going to a nutritionist & Chiropractor and because of that path I feel great.  In THE QUIET PLACE today Nancy DeMoss warns us that just like we work on our health many of us are not as careful to guard our hearts and minds from belief systems that can weaken our whole outlook on life and the faithful perfomance of our duties in the home, the workplace, and even in our local church or ministry?   Letting our spiritual intake become sprinkled with just enough error, dispensed by charismatic personalities with just enough emotional stories and funny jokes, causing us to end up believing things that slowly deaden our spiritual senses over time.
Become so familiar with God’s Word and keep it so close to your heart that you’ll be able to discern whether what your’r hearing is the truly healthy, sound teaching.  A great warning today.  


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