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In Eternity’s Light

The last ten day look at Nancy DeMoss’s dad’s legacy  was his life time goals. She found a piece of paper with these three questions on them: 1) What are my lifetimes goals?  He wrote several goals that related to his giving, family, personal  life, and business…..   2) Next three years? His short term plan was to be extricated from his business so he could spend more time in direct ministry.  3) Of I knew I were to die in six months?  He was more concerned about the spiritual needs of his family and a desire to care deeply about the would of those who were without Christ.

As I think of those questions, what would my answers be?  1) My passion is to see people draw closer to Christ.  Regardless if I am working or not that would still be my goal.   2) Often we have goals but they are long term and we really never get to them.  My short term 3 year plan is to do more relationship building with family members and others that God puts in my path.  As Pastor G would say, my OIKOS.  3) So if I had only 6 months to live….wow.   As I was sitting with that question during a session with a client, I thought…..I need to write my book.  I have started it but I don’t add to it very often and I really want to work on it.  But I seems so easy to put it off.  This is a book of my life, my story.  It is full of all the nuggets that God has given me to be able to have the best life possible in my marraige, as a parent and as a friend.  So that is my goal today, to start figuring out how to write on a regular basis besides writing my blog.  
Ask God to shape your goals and to direct your daily decisions, in light of eternity.  How would you answer those questions?  

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