Debbie O’Berry, Licensed Professional Counselor; Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor
3827 W. Howell Road Mason, Michigan 48854 517-256-6751


A person may benefit from processing a situation or problem with a trained professional who can guide or direct the person to answers that correlate with their personal ethics, morals and values.  As a person grows up, they are inundated with thinking and traditions of others that may end up being faulty and need to be adjusted to line up with God’s Word and what God’s best is for the person.

Individual counseling gives a venue for the person to express and process her thoughts in a safe place. Many times this is done with friends and family members that cannot handle it and somehow are makes the situation worse.

In individual therapy, the client will learn to identify problems in their life, determine what changes may be necessary and set goals that will enable themselves to work toward the solution.  The therapist will be able to help set these goals and establish some accountability for the client.

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