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Spiritually Rooted Diseases

Three days into the new 2018 year. The tree’s are down and the decorations are in their boxes in the closet.  It is a slow week even though the holidays are behind us, probably because school is still out.  I am making the most of the slow pace so I can do some extra reading and do some extra projects around the house.
I continue to work on the A MORE EXCELLENT WAY   by Dr. Henry W. Wright. I am in the section Spiritually Rooted Diseases. In this section he talks about generational sins and children.  God said that the iniquities of the Father  shall be passed on the the third and fourth generation. The Bible also says that children are sanctified by the believing parents.  God can heal the spiritual rooted diseases beginning with: 1. Coming back to alignment with God, His Word, His person, His nature, His precepts and what He planned on this planet for you for the beginning.  The solution is restoration.   2. Accepting YOURSELF in your relationship with God: getting rid of self hated, getting rid of your self-bitterness, getting rid of your guilt and coming back in line with who you are in the Father through Jesus Christ. 3. Make peace with your brother, your sister and all others, if at all possible.
Wright says ” If you see any disease, you see a curse and if you see a curse there is a reason for it.” Cause and Effect… order to get the disease removed, you must remove the cause.  Unresolved conflict and stresses cause fear, anxiety and stress. Broken hearts and those wounds can cause allergies. Men’s hearts are failing because of fear. These are just a few examples he shares.
The Bible says that when we follow our  enemies, God give us over to  the blessings of our enemies, which are curses.  The revival coming is one of sanctification and purification.  It is very clear God wants to destory the works of the devil and to heal all who are oppressed by the devil.
As I enter in the new year, my goal is to align myself with the truth of God’s Word;  to not be offended by others; to keep my heart free from bitterness and resentments. When I am lonely, to go to God for my comfort and love.  I must say that it is a constant battle to keep my heart free of the curses.  I am going to continue to run the race.  God is good.

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