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Taking Responsibility

Romans 14:12 says ” So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.”  In Taking Responsibility, The Quite Place, Nancy shares how she didn’t get along with her mom as she was growing up.  Do any of us?  Her dad’s nugut of truth is 1) you must honor your mother and give her due repect-period-regardless of what she does; and 2) you are not responsible for any what she does- you are only reponsible for how you respond to her.  The issue is are my responses right or wrong.  Nothing anyone might do justifies a sinful reaction on my part.  We are only accountalbe for our own attitudes and responses. With a wise, humble spirit and a “soft answer,” you can overcome evil with good.
In my counseling with others, I often see others justifying thier “sin” because of someone else.  When I stand in front of God at judgement day, I will be only responsible for my own responses, reactions and attutides.  I so want to be 100% obedient to God.  I know I fall short that is why I need Jesus. It is only with the power of the Holy Spirit  that I can so what God asks me to.  
I also hear over and over again things that have happened YEARS ago they people are still carrying around with them.  They have not let it go. They have not forgiven. They are still dripping with bitterness.  I know bitterness hurts us emotionally and physically.  It is in our power with the Holy Spirit to forgive those that have hurt us in the past and currently.  We don’t have to carry that burden.  God is so good.   

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