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The Martyr

Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”  That is a really hard thing to do as someone that may be frustrated in a marriage.  What do you do when your heart is not in it?

As we look at God’s Word, we see that God does not like divorce.  But he has allowed it because of the hardening of our hearts. The reality of divorce is that it is really is hard.   Divorce affects the family and everyone else around it; extended family, friends, neighbors, & the church.  Is there a better way?  I think so.

Can we change our heart?  God’s word says we can.  How can we take a heart that is hard and soften it?  How can we take a soul that is bitter and bring sweetness?  How can we take a person that is broken and be healed?   I believe that it is possible when we get into the God’s Word.

As I work with clients one of the first things that I will share is for them to read God’s Word, the Bible.  Whether they come for marriage counseling, or it is an individual that is stuck, searching for satisfaction and filament.  As they read God’s Word, I see a change, a softening.   I see hope.

I pray that you won’t be a martyr and live a life that is unhappy.  I pray that you will take the step of healing your soul and putting balm on the wound.  There is a way to find fulfillment and satisfaction in your life regardless of your situation.

Reading God’s Word can seem very overwhelming.  There are reading plans out there; different amounts that people think that need to be read.  We all have different amounts of time available.  My plan is to take a small paragraph or maybe even a chapter to start with.  Read a small section that you will be able to digest.  Read it and then ponder what God may be saying to you.  I also love to journal what I am reading and what it is saying to me. I encourage quality not quantity.

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