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We Believe

Today I read We Believe a Next Level Insert with Melissa in the Entrusted Bible study.  Melissa is talking about when she was in period of despair.  She went to church week after week, sitting in the back row in agony, alone with her pain; but not really feeling alone.  She, week after week confessed the Nicene Creed.  To confess is to testify.  A Creed is an amazing cry of witness.
This kind of fits my mood this morning as I reflect over all that is going on in my world.   The World has gone crazy with multiple hurricanes, mass shootings,  and political unrest.  Facebook isn’t even any fun anymore.  Problems are even trespassing on friend and family relationships.  I felt like I had a safe bubble that kept all the bad stuff out but bad stuff is getting in.  The choices we make affects the Church, the community, and the family unit.  So sad.  
Today day I choose to BELIEVE.  “I believe in the one GOD, the FATHER, the ALMIGHTY, maker of heaven and Earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.”  No matter what happens in this world, I can feel my heavenly Father’s arms around me.  He has a plan for us all to be saved and have a wonderful relationship with him, that will help us as the hard comes our way.  I am so grateful.  

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