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What Are You Waiting For?

Today in The Quiet Place, Nancy DeMoss talks about waiting.  (Isaiah 64:4) Waiting means to tarry, to long, to cling or adhere to.   God promises to “meet”  with those who wait for Him in this way, those who attentively, expectantly incline their hearts toward Him.  A Revival is an encounter with God.  It begins when God responds to those whose hearts are truly waiting for Him.
Today I am waiting.  We have a doctor’s appointment for Chuck giving results of tests he had a few weeks ago. I am praying for healing but sometimes God allows things so that it gets our attention or someone else’s attention.  So today I am waiting and I am watching.  
Yesterday we had the memorial for my brother.  I prayed for God to work.  I observed.  The message Pastor Mark gave was perfect. “The thing that is done at the last moment of life does not necessarily  reflect the person’s heart.”  I saw effort made by my nephew to drive 3 hours to be with family. I saw another cousin come to be there.  Hugs were given. Tears came. Kind words were spoken.  Connections were made that have been absent.  And yes reconciliation happened.  God was all over.  I am grateful.  My prayer is that it brought some peace to those that came. 
God is working.  I am grateful.  As we enter into this next challanged that God leads us through, I will continue to wait and watch for God working.  

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  1. Beverly Lake on August 20, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    I’m grateful for how your memorial went! Can I ask you to pray for me please. My surgery was a success, at least at this point that’s what we think. So my surgeon has discharged me from his care…….my primary dr doesn’t want anything to do with the situation I’m still dealing with, for a couple reasons I won’t go into – so I’m in search of a new dr around here that uses St Joseph Mercy hospital. In the meantime I can’t stop losing weight, and I’m getting scared of what might happen. I’m on a heart medication but I’ll never get my strength back if I can’t stop this weight loss !! Just about ever other day I’m still throwing up, my stomach just does not want to accept food after being without it for 8 months. Please just pray we’ll find some answers so I can stop losing. I’m so depressed, I thought after my surgery healed I’d be able to get my life back, but it’s not happening. (I’m down to 122 lbs) ?

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