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Where is our faith?

In A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Dr. Wright says that fear, anxiety and stress produce tension and tension headaches.   Muscle contraction backaches also are caused by fear, anxiety and stress.  Contective tissue problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis are caused by self hatred and guilt.  Asthma is caused by deep rooted fear, anxiety and stress.  That root of fear comes from abandonment coupled with insecurity.  Hay Fever is a compromised immunse system and is a fear/anxiety/stress disorder.  Lupis, Crohn’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and MS are examples of the body attacking the body because the person is attacking themselves in Self-Rejection, Self-hatred and Self-bitterness.  Wright says most autoimmune diseases are primarily the result of an unloving spirit producing feelings of not being loved,  not being accepted, Self-Rejection, self-hatred and Self-bitterness coupled with guilt. Autoimmune diseases are primarily a Self-hatred disease with a frea-anxiety -stress rier attached to them.    
Wow,  isn’t it interesting that when we are feeling any of these illnesses we run right to the doctor or the hospitals.  We don’t have to; we can run to God.  And then some of us, run to the chiropractor or nutritionist.  I get it that we seem to have more faith in doctors then God but that is so wrong.  God is our creator so why don’t we go to him for our healing?  Lord, give us the faith that we need to trust you for our health.

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