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Without Good Direction, People Lose Their Way. 

Today I am reading Proverbs 11.  The whole chapter talks about when there is integrety and honesty, morals & good character, being good, right-living, wise, having gentle grace, and God’s loyalty.  The chapter starts out with Without Good Direction, People Lose Their Way. pray together Where do you get your direction from?   God has rules that we are to follow inorder to have peace.   It so works. Do we follow his precepts so we can have the peace or do we follow his laws because we love him?
I follow because I love him.  I have seen how he favors me when I do things his way.  Do I not have any trouble?  Oh, yes, trouble comes to me like anyone else.  But when we do things God’s way we can have peace.  What is the worse that can happen?  Go to heaven and be with God?   It is all about your perspective.    Follow God’s precepts, recieve God’s peace.