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We live with a Barbie Doll World view. We grew up with this philosophy of life that we have to be physically “perfect”, a perfection that is unattainable and unrealistic.   You feel somehow not as valuable as everybody else.   Okay so Barbie and Ken moved out but Victoria Secret moved in.

Self esteem refers to an inner sense of worthiness that gives a person resilience and resistance to discouragement or criticism.   Your self-esteem is in trouble when you allow others to determine your value or significance instead of the One who created you.  Poor self-esteem is often the result of prolonged periods of negative feedback in a person’s life, resulting in deep wounds and pain.

Negative thought patterns cause negative self esteem. Change your negative thinking to positive and you will stop what causes negative self esteem.   Learn who you are in God’s eyes, your Creator.   Get help to figure out that your self esteem is not based on what you do but who you are in Christ. Recognize your value. Get help to stop the harmful thought patterns.  Begin to learn new thought patterns.  God created you and He has a plan for your life.  Find out what that is.

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