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It is Well With My Soul

Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, designed to display to the world in Technicolor the covenant-keeping character and faithfulness of God Himself.  Regardless of its weaknesses and challenges, your marriage can be a beacon of gospel truth and hope.  This noble outcome does not depend on your husband’s getting his act together.  Laugh out Loud.    This is what I live by.  As a wife, I have the ability to demonstrate covenant love in your daily interactions with your mate- regardless of what he does or doesn’t do to meet your needs. (Adorned by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth) This is a great read this morning.
I am real-ling with all the information from the weekend. So many nuggets of truth.  On Wednesday Chuck and I headed to the AACC Rise Up Conference in Nashville Tennessee.  We were about 3/4 of the way and the traffic in our lane came to a sudden stop.  My husband veered to the left so he wouldn’t hit the white truck in front of us.  As he did there was a huge semi which grazed us on the right.  Chuck had no choice but to swerve to the left again where he clipped the truck with the front left of our car.   After the impact, Chuck was able to pull the car off the road. We got out to assess the damage.  Praise God neither Chuck or I were injured.  The man in the white truck was not hurt. Nothing happened to the lady in the  stalled car.  The police came and made a report. He called a wrecker  for us and the lady with the stalled car.  We filed a police report. The police took us to the rental car place. Our car was towed to a Collision place that could fix it.  Two and a half hours later we were back on the road for the conference.
I am so grateful to God for his plan in my life.  The last two weeks there has been a lot of Hubbub on LARA changing the working of the  LPC licensing.  If this went through, we would all be out of a job.  I could have chose to panic but I felt God telling me the He has this.  As I sat back and watched, I saw God working it out.  LARA withdrew the changes because an new law was being passed that would address all the problems.  It is working its way through the process.  So I went in to the trip with a grateful heart and it just kept building.
This could have wreaked the whole weekend but it didn’t.  Even though there was stress I chose to wade through it.  The appraisal was  done.  Waiting for the adjuster to make a decision about the repair.  I chose to give it to God and I went to the conference looking for what God had for me that weekend.  There was much encouragement for the counselors through the different speakers.  I also went to several break out sessions on the subject of suicide.   Because I do not want to loose what I learned, I am going to spend the next couple of days going through my notes. So stay tuned.

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