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Are we redeemed?

And I will manifest my Holiness among you in the sight of the nation’s.” Ezekiel 20:41.  If God’s people started to live like the redeemed people we are, I believe lost sinners would be falling all over themselves to repent and believe the gospel, drawn to Christ by selling the relfeciton of a Holy God in our conduct and character.   Are we redeemed people?  
I was asked today, how to live life, when things are so hard?  I believe this answers why God allows us to go through the hard.  Yes we are redeemed but…..
Others are looking to see how we respond to life, how we handle conflict, how we deal with problmes, how we keep our commitments.  But when done for His glory, they draw the game of a darkened world to the holy One whose life and light shine through us.  Can we be a witness to God’s glory through the hard so others can see God’s light?  

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