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But you…..

“But you have followed my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, patience, love and endurance.” 2 Timothy 3:10  Some times I just need encouragement from God.  Some days I wake up and I feel beaten up and bruised. There are days that I feel rejected and forgotten.  Yes, these are things I don’t speak much of, so I am thankful that God knows and can encourage me through his Word.
If you look at  2 Timothy 3:2-5 which shows us why I can wake up that way. The people around me, the community and sometimes the Church are so self absorbed that it is no wonder that I feel that way.  Then Paul wrote two words that keep us from thinking someone else’s faithfulness counts as ours.  “But you.”  Then Beth shares, If we never need rescuing, we’ll never know the Rescuer.  What has the Lord brought you through?  When the unseen Defender comes to your defense. It is personal.  “I love the Lord because…….” Paul shares with Timothy “You have what it takes. Put it to use.”
What is your purpose in Christ?  We all have one.  God has created us for a special purpose.  That is encouraging.  God has not let us go through anything that we can’t use for his glory in furthering his kingdom.  That is encouraging so I can say “God is so good.”  

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