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Condemnation & Shame

The subject today is “Shame” … I think we all have shame issues. My biggest fear is to be not liked, to be made fun of or to be criticized.  I have people I know that I am afraid to say anything around them because they ridicule me or make fun of me.  It makes me feel shame. I don’t measure up.
In day 13 Freedom from Condemnation and Shame, Jimmy  says when there is no specific issue and not a way to deal with it, it is from the Devil!  The Holy Spirit specifically convicts of those things He wants us to confess, correct, improve, change, etc.  He is a  precious, loving Father who specifically tells us He wants us what to do and then helps us do it.
One of the best ways to combat shame and condemnation is to praise and worship God for His love and grace. Refuse to allow the devil to make it about you , and every time he tries, turn it into a worship service.  The devil hates to hear God praised and he especially hates hearing about the blood of Jesus because it defeated him.

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