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God’s Best Blessings

Barnes in WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, in this section he talks about a man that has cancer and he has to tell his children.  He was a hard working man, that was quite accomplished. But he struggled to tell his children that he is going to die. When we look at our parents, we often make them gods in our lives. So when God decides to take them home, it is a real struggle. At the end of this piece it wasn’t his career that he would like to do over or better, it was his relationships.  His frustration was that he couldn’t convince his hard working loved ones that being productive is not a good way to spend a life.
I think of Mothers Day coming in a few days.  There will be gifts. Yes, they will be appreciated.  The biggest gift you can give is the time you spend with someone. The encouraging conversations that you have with those you love.  Not criticism or instructions.  The sitting knee to knee with them and sharing your heart and the listening.   God said he would bless us and the best blessing he gives is those relationships of  our family and friends.

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