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Maintaining Your Distance

Maintaining Your Distance is today’s reading from THE QUIET PLACE by Nancy DeMoss.  She starts out by saying that none of us are immune from sexual sin.  As Christians we need to pursue purity of thought and practice.  Sexual purity mirrors the character of God.  To be faithful, loving, and a covenant-keeper.  Every aspect of our life needs to reflect the holiness of the One who has chosen and called us.
The thing that has come to mind when I think of this is the promotion of homosexuality in every front.  As I watch my shows sexual impurity is everywhere.  I know it is a small thing.  TV is full of sexual immorality with people living and having sex together outside of marriage.  It is all over the place.  Then there is the transgender lifestyles that are coming out.  As I say no to shows there isn’t going to be much to watch.  But this is my obedience to God.  I have to ask Him for grace to make the choices that will display His purity. I am going to take a stand.

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