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Getting Back on Track

It is so hard to get back on track after you have been gone. There is lots to do but I am getting there. Continuing my reading WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, Finding New Life Through Unwanted Change by M.Craig Barnes. He starts of this section by talking about when life is disappointing. He says that often when things are hard we tend to run to another god. Sometimes it is our self or someone else or something else. What I am finding out is that God wants to be my savior. He wants me to go to Him, not other things or other people. Sometimes we even try to be the SAVIOR for others. How do I do that with my job? But being a therapist isn’t about saving people. Being a therapist is about loving others and helping them to receive God’s grace themselves by going to God. As they learn to let go of their little gods that they are trusting in, then God can become their all: teaching them, and rebuking as he sees fit. They will then learn to love others and give others the grace that they too have received.

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