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I am in Paradise. Reading about abandonment. He writes, ” I know about abandonment. I know that you never really get over it. I also know it can force changes that you think will kill you, but in fact they save your life.” “That is the great advantage of abandonment–it makes it easier to hear God’s words of love and purpose for us.” “I knew about God, Because that was just information. Now I had to believe that God knew me. I had to believe that I was precious, honored and loved.” As I start to read Philemon in the Message, the very first sentence of the introduction to the book says “every movement we make in response to God has a ripple effect. touching family, neighbors, friends, community. Belief in God alters our language. Love of God affects daily relationships. Hope in God enters into our work.

I remember when I told Linda about our vacation in Maui, she said that was one of the things she wanted to do too. She said she had a client that had a condo in Maui that was offered to her when the time was right for her. She didn’t get to go to Maui and I want to feel sorry but I can’t, because she is really in paradise. It can’t get better then that. So today I choose to think that as beautiful as Maui is, Linda is experiencing the ultimate beauty.

So as I sit here in Paradise I think, how is God entering in my work? What are my family, neighbors, friends and community seeing as my response to God? What is the ripple affect? Good question to ponder today.

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  1. gate io on February 15, 2023 at 3:03 pm

    Reading your article helped me a lot, but I still had some doubts at the time, could I ask you for advice? Thanks.

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