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Re – Membering Your Broken Pieces

I woke early today, longing to sit with the Father, I got up. Coffee in hand;  The Broken Way in my lap.   I read: Re-Membering Your Broken Pieces. Focusing on the last supper He broke and gave. There had to be brokenness. The miracle happens in the brokenness. He broke the bread.  He gave.   He breaks the temptation to self -protect and gives the vulnerability of Himself.
What are we afraid of suffering? Suffering is were God gives the most healing intimacy.  Just as in the Lord supper He calls us to remember, anamnesis. To experience a past event again through the physical, to make it take form through re-enactment.  Continue to do this in remembrance of Me.  It begs of a new beginning.
As I started this book, it reminds me much of the grief process. I get triggered by something: a thought, smell, an anamenesis.  I remember.  Someday I will be able to remember without the tears.  


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