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7 Steps to Sin

Today I am looking at 7 Steps to Sin in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY.  Wright says that the first step to sin in temptation.  Temptation comes in a form of a thought.  The thought is not a sin. You do not have any control over what pops into your head. It is what you do with it after that.
Wright says that “every problem and every temptation we already has exists within our spiritual makeup. Satan comes with his kindgom to exploit our weakness.  We don’t have to invite the thought in, if it is not going to be good for us.  Many times we obsess over the thought or entertain the thought which leads us to 2. Being drawn away or to be preoccupied or obsessed with the thought.  It starts to be a reality for you.  3. Personal Lust is when you start taking pleasure in the picture of what is in your thought or mind. Wright says this is still not a sin.   4 . Enticement is the weakening of the will.  If Satan can break down your will so that you can no longer resist him then we are on our way to sin.  5. Lust Conceived is the birthing of something not in place yet.  6. Actual Sin, any person in an agreement with a thought in his or her heart will eventually act on that thought.  7. The Consequences of Sin is death.  If we allow a sin to take place, unless it is repented for dealt with and cast our, it will be continually there to tempt you.
If a person has fasted, prayed, cried out to God and done everything they could to get rid of a sin, but they keep doing it,  they need deliverance because it is no longer just temptation, it is an evil spirit.
I love your truth Lord. You take these word and bring them to who you need to hear them.  You are so good Lord. I am so grateful.  

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