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A Balanced Life

One of the most challanging things in life is “balancing” our life. This is the subject of today’s reflections in The Roadless Traveled by Peck.
Scott says discipline itself must be disciplined which he calls balancing. Balancing is the discipline that give us flexibility.  It is necessary that the higher centers of our Brain (judgement) be able to regulate and modulate the lower centers (emotion). It takes much calibration and self-evaluation.  It is important to match the right time with the right style of expression.
Often times we just go through life being engaged in what ever happens.  There is no thought to what our goals are or what is important in life.  Everyone has different priorities in life that need to be deliberate if we are going to live a life without regrets.
In counseling I will ask the overwhelmed person what is their passion?  What they spend their time doesn’t necessarily show passions; it is more of the “have too’s” of life.   We spend time looking at what their priorities are and work at putting deliberate time toward those things.  Sometimes we experience the hard because we have to give up good things in order to gain the best things.
Our world is such a fast pace world and it can be overwhelming.  It is our choice to determine what we spend our time at.  We can choose to limit our kids involvement in sports.  We can choose to say no to things that are asked of us in order to do what we are really passionate about.  We can choose to balance our life so we get the rest, exercise, time for leisure, and time for friends.  It is really our choice to be able to live a life on the Roadless Traveled.

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