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Anger Rage & Resentment

Today the sun is shining.  Every thing looks hopeful and bright and cheery, full of hope and possibilities.  Today in my reading A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Wright says on page  207 that anger, rage and resentment is a spritual problem; it is not genetic.  Anger, Rage and Resentment can causes aneurysms, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.  This anger, rage and resentment is not always externally explosive against others but can be internalized.  A person that may be brooding, steaming and deep inside is as dangerious.
How do we process our feelings?  Do we take the time to take with a trusted friend or journal them out? Do we go to counseling for the tough issues if we can’t process them ourselves?  Can you go to God and process with him?  There are many ways to do this process.  It needs to be done for your health.   I pray for victory in these areas.

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