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Crazy Life…

As I read in   A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, I  am seeing that fear, anxiety & stress  is the cause for  Angina, High Blood Preasure, Hearth Arrhythmias, and Mitral Valve Prolapse.  Self-Bitterness, Self-Rejection and Self-hatred causes  coronary Artery Disease, strokes, disease of the heat muscle caused by inflammation.  As I read the different diseases I see that fear, anxiety, stress, self bitterneess, self rejection and self hatred play a really big part in all of it.
Self examination of self on a daily basis is a good way to keep our body’s healthy.  So as I go to God each morning we just have a chat about what is going on and how I feel about things.  If there are things that point to fear or self rejection….etc, God and I have a chat.  If there is something that I need to do like forgiving or accepting, I do that. If it is out of my control then I give it to my heavenly Father for his dPRAY TOGETHERevine work.
Life gets crazy.  Yesterday I missed my time with God.  Spent the day with my mom. She fell because she lost her balance and said that she felt like passing out.  Not being really good at putting words to what is going on I took her to urgent care and she has an UTI,  which could be the cause of her recent confusion.  Going to doctor Thursday for a follow up look at her blood work.  But praise God she feels better today after starting her antibiotics.
I am also working on getting an easier phone hooked up for her.  She doesn’t know how to look at her voice mail.  I found 17 old messages that she never retrieved.  LOL.  The Caregiver that she has is very helpful doing her med’s, making meals for her and just being company for her.
All that to say, God is good.  Life is crazy.  Satan wants to derail us and discourage us. That is why it is so important to stay connected and process everything with the Holy Spirit as my guide.  So helpful.

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