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Be Freed on Two Levels…

In today’s reading of the A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Wright explains that we have to be freed on two levels: spritually and psychologically.  (page183 -190)  Since we are programmed on two levels; we think with our spiritual man and we think with your head.  We may have gotten rid of the root but we can be experience triggers. Even when the fear has gone, our body stays in the fight or flight stage. We continue to experience the problem.
Wright says that the elements of healing begins with trust. In this crazy world we have learned to not trust. We don’t want to be vulnerable.  They don’t want to be hurt again.   This is fear.
What is see this section showing me is that even if you get rid of the root, we can still be experiencing the those triggers which will cause the feeling that causes the illness.  We much learn to trust in God. He can take away the root and the triggers. But we have to trust him that he will do what he says he will do.  Practice trusting today.

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