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Bitterness Destroys

Today the Bible study is over so I am going back to the A MORE EXCELLENT WAY Be in Health by Dr. Henry Will. Wright. I am going over to 8 Rs to Freedom. 1. Recognize what it is, 2. Responsibility, 3. Repent, 4. Renounce  5. Remove it 6. Resist 7.  Rejoice  8. Restore….So today I am focusing on Restore…..Isaiah 42 talks about restoring others.  After you have received the blessings of God, the eighth “R” is the fruit of the gospel. This is you helping others and restoring them.
So I have been working all week to move through these steps.  I know that if I continue to have bitternness in my heart then that leads to a sick soul and a sick body.  We can recognize our stuff, take responsibility, renounce it and remove it, then we have to resist it because it will come back, Rejoice and Restore.  So when a person has gone through the process they are called to Restore others to the healing also.  So I feel that is what I am called to do as hard as that is.  I feel like I continue to be slapped by a certain family member.
As I reflect on what I wrote above I continue to focus on Restore.  In some of the scripture that they list, one that jumps out at me is about fasting. “Is not this the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free, and that we break every yoke?” To loose the bands of wickedness; to undo the heaven burdens.   It is calling us to restore our brothers.
This weekend I had an incredible peace that fell upon me.  Some tough appointments coming up but I am choosing to trust God in them.  I can come to the table with my bitterness gone and I am working on resisting it coming back. Those that I am meeting with are full of bitterness and they are looking at others instead of themselves.  So sad and so sick.  I am trusting God to do a work in their life.  One of the advantages of restoring them is being constantly guided and to have my soul satisfied.  I love that.
Lord, I am so thankful for the peace that I feel. I am not fearful of these appointments because you care guiding me.  It is their loss if they choose to live in bitterness.  I choose to not.   I am grateful for all  the Lord does. I am grateful for the message of this book.  You know me though…I follow many things and they might not be correct.  So I ask for the  Lord to  give me guidance.  If this book is true. If you really do heal today and our healing is connected with out bitterness and anger that we have then I pray that I experience healing.  So I will ask the  Lord to prove it.  Yes!


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