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Prescription Drugs

In A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Be in Health Wright quotes from USA Today,  “Why are So Many Drugs Killing So Many Patients?  Adverse reactions to prescription drugs are the fourth-largest cause of death nationally.” Wow.

There is so much to be said about prescription drugs.  The hard part is we have insurance that usually covers so what might cost $150 –  $250 you get for $5 – $20.   I have either had huge deductibles with my insurance or I have no insurance so  we have dealt with skewed pricing.  Two years ago, I started to go to a nutritionist and started to take supplements.   The cost of supplements may seem like a lot but if you compare to the cost before insurance it is a lot cheaper.  And there are no side effects.  As I change my eating habits, and make sure my life has no hate or bitterness in it, I am finding even my supplements are being reduced.   Praise God.  More on this subject tomorrow.

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