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Today I am practicing walking with the Holy Spirit moment-by moment awareness of the HS presence and power in my life.  My goal is to let the HS  change my wanter and my canner.
Sometimes when we are deep in our grief we feel that God has abandoned up also. It is not God but the image of God that has abandoned us.  To hear the Savior call us out from that dark cave of despair and grief can be startling if we settle into that abandonment.
In my journey  doing Bible Studies, heads full on knowledge, my hearts has again become empty. The more I obtain and the more deeply I explored the truths of Scripture, the more humble I become by God’s great mystery.  In WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS  I  see that ” God is merciful to me, a sinner.”  Sometimes we have to be totally emptied.  Now I am ready to receive God’s transformation in my life.

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