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Healing vs Miracles

Dr. Henry W. Wright talks today in the reading, in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY,  about  Healing vs. Miracles.  We can speak healing to our body. If it is something that God has designed to heal itself naturally.  If it is not something that has regerative properties, such as organs and nerve tissue, then speak a creative miracle to those, in Jesus name.   We have, as believers, been given the authority to speak things into being in the name of Jesus!  Matthew 21:21.
Once we have been delivered from the roots of sin, it becomes our responsibility to renew our minds and change those old patterns of ungodly thinking. It is called “Walking Out.” It is our daily exercize to think correctly and not revert back to the old ways.  It takes practice.
Let me share a struggle that I have.  My heartburn has become a real bother.   Even though I eat correctly and take healthy suppliments, I mainly experience a time of service heartburn at about 11 at night.  It is getting better but it still is coming. Last night it woke me up after I was already sleeping.  I continually talk to God about it.  I feel like I have put all those private demons to rest. They are not taking ahold of me anymore and if they do come, I sic God on them and process again what I have been taught.  I want this to work for me.  So join me in prayer that the prayers of many will be heard by God through Jesus.  Thanks.

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