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Instructions for an Open Heart

Today I looked at Day 5 in week 1 of the entrusted Bible Study.  There was a circumcision issue.  But what I caught was the journey that we are all on.  People come and go out of our lives and it is all part of our journey.  Whether it is from a broken relationship or death, God still wants us to continue to be in the relationship making business.  That is what God is all about.
That is hard, because we are opening ourselves up to future hurt.  What is the consequence of not opening our heart again?  It is loneliness, isolation and boredom.
In my 21 Day Journey, Jimmy Evan’s talked about unforgiveness.  When there is unforgiveness there is an oppression.  It is torment.  It affect us and everyone around us.  God has commanded us to forgive others or he will not forgive us.  God will give us as much grace as we are willing to give away.  Wow….Forgiveness doesn’t make them right, it makes me free.
Broken relationships whether from hurts or death is hard.  Their still needs to be forgiveness in order to open our hearts to accept new relationships. When there is forgiveness then the new relationships will come.  We don’t have to force it.  We can sit and wait for God to move in our lives to show us where to go next.  I do believe he will.  Thank you God for that message.  

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