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Join Me at the Table

Today I started my day reading THEOLOGY: A COLLECTIVE STRUGGLE BY Beth Moore’s daughter Melissa.  She states from Benjamin Meyer’s book “THEOLOGY…is not a private table for one but a rowdy banquet of those who gather, famished and thirsty, around Christ.  The lonely work of reading and writing is not yet THEOLOGY but only it’s preparation.  THEOLOGY happens wherever we are drawn together into the convention and annoying labor of conversing, Listening, and disputing- in short, where we are drawn into a collective struggle for truthful speech.”
Studying is necessary but the theological task is not complete until our private reading have joined. “a collective effort struggle for truthful speech.”  As I read this, I think of the things that are going to be on the table in the next few months.   Some of the things you are going to hear about are from entrusted, a Study of 2 Timothy in preparation for the fall Bible Study at MFCN.   I am also starting to deal “How We Love, Discover Your Love Style, by Milan & May Yerkovich.  This is a book that will help identify our struggles with communicating and where that struggle started. I am going to try to get through this in June.  In July I am going to start reading The Roadless Traveled” by Peck.  This is an old book that my sister gave me years ago and this is one of the last books that Linda read.   I would love you to read with me and follow and converse together.  If you are interested drop me a message and I will make sure I tag you in the posts that you are interested in following.

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