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My New Book

I am writing a book on marriage. Of course, some of these ideas could be used in any relationships.  I am putting my techniques that I use in my counseling on paper so that someday all will be able to have access the information.  So, as I write I would like to share pieces of it on my blog so you can get a taste before it is done.

In marriages there are many struggles.  Sometimes people are not receptive to go to counseling and learn how to make the marriage better.  Many guys if they have dinner on the table, clean clothes and sex that they are happy and content. Often the women are lonely. They have a desire to get more from a marriage and a struggle to be content.

Many times, marriages seemed like a roller coaster.  Things may be good for a while and then they would be bad.  Back and forth with a cycle of every two years, maybe every two months.  There are a lot of books out there and they seem to all focused around a couple working on things together.  What about when there is only one person interested in wanting something better?  I have a lot of really cool ideas on how one person can make a difference.

Love Life by Ed Wheat teaches that one person can make a difference.  When one-person changes then the whole marriage changes.   In this book there are steps that a person can take that would show their spouse that they were loved.  He uses “Bless” as an acronym.  As we do these things for and to our spouse then the couple will often fall back in love again. Many have been intrigued by this so they started applying these to their marriages. As the love principals are used, love can be rekindled in the marriage.   It is so incredible. 

Another great read is the Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  As couples learn what their spouses love languages, a positive approach be used to make your marriage better.  There are many other tips that I have that I use in my counseling approach.  Keep watching for more……

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