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My Thoughts For Today….

Today started out cold; only being 40 degrees. After I went to the gym the sun started to shine and it started to warm up. A feeling of well-being came over me.  I have a lot on my list today to do but it seems to be paced just right.  I started to read a new book a friend gave me as a gift.  How nice.  The book is called  A MORE EXCELLENT WAY Be in Health by Dr. Henry Will. Wright.  I shared my frustration a couple of weeks ago about a book I was reading the really made sense about the results of Childhood trauma and how if affects our health as adults.  I didn’t feel I could share because it wasn’t a Christian book.  This book goes alone the same path but it is very biblical and it teaches how to heal the illnesses of the body.   After a couple of pages my excitement is growing.  He says “Disease is an issue that has to do with circumcision of the heart.  You cannot expect Good to bless you if you are separated from Him in an area that needs to be dealt with.” I can’t wait to read more.

At the Women’s Bible Study last night, I asked the ladies what their passion was, or what they felt their calling was.  That is a question that I am going to ask next time (and last time) we get together to go over the homework.  I told the ladies the first of the Bible Study that this was going to be the last study I facilitate.  That I have been called to a different direction.  I have had some things go through my mind as to what he wants me to do. One of the things is to write.  Kind of like what I am doing know.  But that is for me and for God.  I am a firm believer that everyone needs to have a ministry in their church they are part of.  Last night and this morning the direction that God wants me to go in has become clear.  It is so exciting.

A lady in our study mentioned that her sister and her husband have been attending for a few years and not one from the church has ever visited them.  I used to do that for the Church and I loved it.  My dad used to do it. My mom used to do it.  So the picture I see is to start visiting people in the Church with my mom.  It can be a fun few hours, Connecting Hearts. And a time to connect and give with my mom.  What a thought.
So those are my thoughts for today.  What do you think?  I would love to hear some responses.  

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