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Openness to Challenge

 What does a life of total dedication to the truth mean? Asks Peck in his book THE ROADLESS TRAVELED.       It is a life of continuous and never-ending stringent self-examination.  The life of wisdom must be a life of contemplation combined with action.  We are beginning to realize that the source of danger to the world lives more within us than outside, and that the process of constant self examination and contemplation is essential for ultimate survival.
A life of total dedication to the truth also mean a life of willingness to be personally challanged.  Personally challanged by criticism and challenged by other map-makers.  Yet, because of the pain inherent in the process of revising our maps of reality, we mostly seek to avoid or ward of any challenges to it’s validity.  The primary reason people do not undergo psyotherapy in not that they lack the money but that they lack the courage.
All self-discipline might be defined as teaching ourselves to do the unnatural.  We choose to change by forming a different habit to change what out old normal is.  But it is hard and must be a diliberate action.  The healing  of the spirit has not been completed until openness to challenge becomes a way of life.
A life of total dedication to the truth means, therefore, is a life of total honest.  Such honesty does not come painlessly and it’s consequences.  Lying is an attempt to circumvent legitimate suffering and hence is a productive of mental illness.   One of the roots of mental illness is invariably and interlocking system of lies we have been told and lies we have told ourselves. These roots can be uncovered and excised only in an atmosphere of utter honesty.
So as we continue THE ROADLESS TRAVELED, we are talking about a way toward self growth. I love to journal. This section of the book and the many hards that have come my way this week and the last couple has drawn me to do more journaling and to seek the wisdom of God as he directs my thoughts to be open and honest with myself. Yes it is challanging and hard. I am working really hard to change the truth of childhood and to be able to line it with the Word of God. What is your truth?

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