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Self Esteem Issues causes illnesses

Continueing our reading from A MORE EXCELLENT WAY Be in Health by Dr. Henry Will. Wright talks of depression is caused by a serotonin deficiency. Depression med’s like Prozac are designed to increase your self-esteem.  A lack of self-esteem is the root problem.  Lack of self-esteem, self-hatred, and guilt are very damaging to the human spirit. Somewhere, there has been a lack of nurturing in childhood. It can be a lack that is generational.
Unfortunately Prozac causes side affects like loss of libido, which causes more anxiety, more guilt, more rejection, and more conflict.  So instead of taking Prozac, go to the root and teach a person to developed self esteem.  What a simple way to approach the problem.
Death from illegal drug use in America does not even make the top 10 in causes of death in America. Yet death by properly prescribed drugs and medical mistakes are listed on the top 10 killers list by USA Today and Time Magazine.   There is a More Excellent Way.
Better self esteem can be taught. I have skills that will help people in these areas.  You do not have to let low self esteem and bitterness continue to affect your health and well being.
There is hope. 

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