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Self Sacrifice

In The Roadless Traveled in the section of Love “Self Sacrifice” Peck talks of when we do something for others, often the motivation is self righteousness or martidome.  Interesting.  But I am glad that he finished this section with these words.  Whenever we think of ourselves as doing something for someone else, we are in some way denying our own responsibility. Whatever we do is done because we choose to do it, and we make that choice because it is the one that satisfies us the most.  Anyone who henuinely loves knows the pleasure of loving. When we genuinely love we do so because we want to love.  It is not selfishness or unselfishness that distinguishes love from nonlove; it is the aim of the action.  In the case of the ginuine love the aim is always  spiritual growth. In the case of nonlove the aim is always something else.

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