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Spirited Rooted Diseases

Spirited Rooted Disease is the chapter I am starting now in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Dr Henry W. Wright. Wright states that Spiritual rooted disease is the result of separation on three levels.
1. Separation from God, His Word and His love. 2. Separation from yourself.  3. Separations from others.
Separation from God – Read  John 3:16, John 5:10, John 8:28 &  John 14:9. We see that God is love.  God loved us so much that he made a way for us not to be separated from Him.  It was through His son Jesus.  Holy Spirit was given to teach us. But folks God is first.   He is our Father and our creator.   But we have to believe in the Trinity…..the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  
Separation from Yourself –  God the Father says He loves you. When we don’t love ourselves we make ourselves available good unto ourselves.  Oh, I don’t want to do that…..God tells us that we are loved and okay. Satan tells us that we are rotten, stupid or worthless.    Wright shares that autoimmune diseases have a spiritual root of self-hatred, self-bitterness and guilt.  All autoimmune diseases can be defeated or can be prevented.   Incredible….
Separation from Others – Separation opens the door to spiritually rooted diseases.  Unforgiveness or bitterness toward others, contributes to separation. When you think of someone who has wronged you, you will always remember the individual and what they did to you, but you do not have to carry the thoughts of hate or bitterness. If you have truly forgiven them from your heart, these thoughts will be gone.   Go will heal the pain so you can have victory over the situation. It doesn’t have to ruins your life.

Family trees are very important diagnostic tool.  Exodus 20 teaches about the sins of the Father being passed on to the third and fourth generation.  That is so true.  Our children will inheritance your curses.  I know in my own family, there has been sexual immorality passed, pre-marriage pregnancies and addictions.  I see them in my parents and my own and now in the grandchildren. So sad that we didn’t stop the process.  

Wright talks about who we go to when we are sick or stuck.  Most of the people go to doctors, TV or Radio, self-help books and pharmacist.  A very small fraction talked about going to God or a pastor or Church or the Bible. Yet God is the Creator. He is our Savior. He is our Healer and He is our Deliverer. If He crated us, He knows what is wrong with us! Would we Dare go there and ask Him to reveal this to His children?  What is it going to take to move the hand of God and get healed?   Can we get rid of our anger and bitterness in exchange for healing?   I say yes.  I am going to try it.  
The peace that I feel when I confront things in love and then give it to God is so incredible.  To be able to have a life free of unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness brings peace.  God keeps bringing things to mind that he wants me to get rid of. So in obedience I am.  So freeing.  I can’t wait to see what happens.   

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